Google drops Gmail address in UK

BBC NEWS | Business | Google drops Gmail address in UK
Google have been forced to drop “Gmail” in favour of “Googlemail” in the UK because a UK company has been using the term “Gmail” for several years.

I’m surprised that the mighty dollar didn’t make the pound see cents…umm sense that is 🙂

Anyway, looks like the UK clients that have already registered as Gmail are OK but new registrants will have “” .

Ahhh – the complexities of a shrinking world.

CNN wants a blog reporter!

Have a look at this!
Time warner (read CNN??) are acknowledging that blogs are the way of the future.
Here is their job advertisement for a Blog reporter!
Time Warner, Inc. – Job details

Duties: Producer will cover web-logs (blogs), pod-casts, and other internet-based forms of new media. The web producer will locate, research, and report on blogs and web sites that include news, politics, policy, commentary, and other information of value to our viewers. The results will be daily television segments reporting on this area of the media. This person will be responsible for producing both the editorial content and also the graphic and video elements necessary to develop each segment. This person will also report on-air as needed.

Podcasts too of course 🙂

Anyone lining up for the job?