Archiving email on Gmail-Windows

Boing Boing: Archiving email on Gmail
Great Idea, and also do-able on a windows machine with outlook express! Simply set your message rule to forward any(specified) mail to your Gmail account. Even better – set up a Gmail account
specifically for archiving!

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  1. I have been using this concept for a few months now… the difficulty with it is that every forwarded email to the Gmail account is from the same sender. Gmail does not indicate where the original message came from… this makes searching for messages from a certain individual useless. Undeliverable messages creates circular mail flying around as well. Aside from this… the backup works great.

  2. how does one set up Apple Mail to fwd ‘OUTGOING’ messages?
    the rules in the pull-down all seem to evaluate INCOMING emails…
    tips, tricks, secret handshakes? πŸ™‚

  3. Greg: I know what you mean, But isn’t that what Gmail is all about? Super fast searches. You could also set up filters – using the body rather than the sender line as the target text. Not ideal – but workable.
    Undeliverable – yep a problem – but how often does this happen with Gmail? ANY online system will probably have the same sort of problem though.
    Could you set up a filter to NOT forward any messages with the UNdeliverable headings?

    Anechoic: Thanks for the comment – apple mail – no specific idea, BUT this is how I could do it in Windows with outlook express. Note you need 2 GMAIL accounts if you are also archiving or you get the MOTHER of all loops πŸ™‚
    I send ALL my one GMAIL account from my desktop using outlook express. Simply use the POP3 settings available on your Gmail site.
    I then add Gmail to my pop3 down load mail settings as well. Any mail I send:
    1) gets stored in my sent mail on my computer AND the Gmail server
    2) Any replies get d/l to my computer AND remain on the GMAIL server AND get forwarded to my ARCHIVE Gmail account
    so :- I have
    1) complete set on my computer
    2) complete outgoing and Incoming set on my Main Gmail account
    3) any other incoming email from other pop3 acounts as well as my main Gmail account are now on my computer and the ARCHIVE Gmail account

    Umm it is overkill though πŸ™

  4. Anechoic:-
    My Bad πŸ™ comes from answering before breakfast!

    Easiest way to archive outgoing as well as incoming..

      Use ONE Gmail account.
      All incoming as above – original post. (forward a copy to Gmail)
      All outgoing – USE your Gmail archive account as the primary outgoing SMTP server- this stores a copy in the Gmail sent item folder too! (Just checked πŸ™‚ ). If you don’t want reply emails coming to Gmail – simply change your reply address settings as needed.

    this way –
    1 mail account
    a copy of all incoming mail is forwarded to Gmail
    a copy of all outgoing mail is in the Gmail sent mail folder
    A copy of all mail is on your computer.
    Q.E.D. ??

  5. yeah I can set a Cc in evolution to send all outgoing mail to another email address but in Apple Mail I can’t find any way to do this…
    any one out there familiar with Apple Mail?

  6. Kim
    Why use cc? Can’t you simply tell Apple Mail to use a different (the Gmail) mail server? Instructions for apple mail are on the Gmail site in your account under “settings” ->” Forwarding and POP”

    3. Configure your email client (e.g. Outlook, Eudora Netscape Mail)
    Configuration instructions

    Which took me to :
    and then click Apple mail which took me here where the instructions are.

    you will still need to check your regular email server for INCOMING mail and HOPEFULLY automatically forward a copy to your Gmail archive account. I assume Apple mail lets you check or use more than one email server?

    Let me know if it works for you?

  7. OK I’ll have to get a gmail account and set this up…thanks for the tip!
    a tip for those using Apple Mail:
    be careful when deleting an old account in the Mail prefs — you will delete all the email that you received and sent using that account…it WILL leave all the mail (via said account) that was filtered into other folders through…weird!

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