WordPress 2.0 Kubrick Theme Problems -Solved !

If any of you are using the default Kubrik theme in WordPress 2.0, you may have noted a problem. The Footer seems to be shifted – ever so slightly – to the right! It doesn’t happen in IE 6 though. I have several (test) sites all using that theme at the moment, and they all have the fault. (Not planning on sticking with it long term I might add 😀 )

Naturally, I went looking for a solution, and that Included posting on the forums at WordPress.org.

I quickly found one other person with the same issue (so I was relieved to see it wasn’t just me!) and then a solution appeared.

Hats off to Spencerp for providing the solution.

As usual, the difference in interpretation of CSS by different browsers is a pain. Hopefully IE 7 will be more compliant.

I must admit – an advantage of open-source software is that there is usually someone who has the solution for you 🙂

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 Kubrick Theme Problems -Solved !

  1. Thanks for the comments team 😀

    spencerp: Credit where credit is due. I just did a quick search and found a HEAP of other blogs that need your fix! Might even be worth a Digg….
    Delighted to have your ZIP and will email you my address. Suggest you make it available for d/l from you site or similar as I think you will be asked for it a fair bit.

    Dennis: great to see it works for you too. I haven’t bothered with the search button fix ATM as it dosen’t worry me particularly.
    As for the tags… I use a bookmarklet at the moment that I found via Lorelle’s website. I suggest you have a look there.
    however, I am testing some plug-ins that will – hopefully – make it all more automatic.

  2. Hey,

    Now I feel a little special. =) Glad that those fixes are working for you. =) I plan to download all the fixed files and make a zip or tarball of it and send it to you then. =) I’ll do that here a couple of minutes.. if you’d like, hit me up on MSN Messenger once. psgif180[at]hotmail.com

    Again, I’m glad those fixes helped you out. =) Take care..I gotta get to working on my Andreas08 theme again lol. http://www.vindictivebastard.net/blog3


  3. Looks like you beat me to it with the Firefox fix. Looks good. I just updated my own blog with the changes and fixed the search button problem in IE while I was as at it.

    By the way, what plugin are you using to get the Technorati Tags at the bottom of your posts?

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