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Moving those 3000 Email back to Gmail…..

As promised, I have run through how I have done this. It’s on my other blog site at Happy to say it was successful. Just wish I knew what lead Gmail to disable my account initially.

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Gmail Woes Continue

Oh well, the saga continues. Do you know what happens when you lose your gmail account – I mean – when it is disabled? You can’t access any other Google “products” you have registered with that account …… 🙁 Any-way … Continue reading

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Where oh Where has my Gmail gone!

Agggh.. Logged into one of my Gmail accounts yesterday – well actually I didn’t! “Account disabled“!! WTF! Followed the link to some “help” page which was useless. non-specific – “have you lost your password” type ‘help’. No Idea why it … Continue reading

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