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Gmail enabled!

FINALLY my Gmail accounts are back up and running . Details here :-).

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Moving those 3000 Email back to Gmail…..

As promised, I have run through how I have done this. It’s on my other blog site at Happy to say it was successful. Just wish I knew what lead Gmail to disable my account initially.

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Gmail Woes Continue

Oh well, the saga continues. Do you know what happens when you lose your gmail account – I mean – when it is disabled? You can’t access any other Google “products” you have registered with that account …… 🙁 Any-way … Continue reading

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Where oh Where has my Gmail gone!

Agggh.. Logged into one of my Gmail accounts yesterday – well actually I didn’t! “Account disabled“!! WTF! Followed the link to some “help” page which was useless. non-specific – “have you lost your password” type ‘help’. No Idea why it … Continue reading

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.01

Just a quick note to say that I have now upgraded to WordPress 2.01. The instructions are very straight forward and the process seems uneventful. Lots’a fixes I gather. Good to see the team is on the ball!

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WordPress 2.0 Kubrick Theme Problems -Solved !

If any of you are using the default Kubrik theme in WordPress 2.0, you may have noted a problem. The Footer seems to be shifted – ever so slightly – to the right! It doesn’t happen in IE 6 though. … Continue reading

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A strange thing happened on the way to the upgrade.

Well, as I said, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0 . One of the first things I wanted to trial was the WYSIWYG editor with uploaded images. I uploaded an image file (easy) and tried to insert it into a post … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0 Installed and working!

Well, if you can see this (and I can!), then I have successfully installed/upgraded to wordpress 2.0 as promised. I have detailed the process and the quirks on my wordpress development blog at Wetscalpel. If you haven’t tried it, give … Continue reading

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Viral Marketing – useful product?

It always amuses me when I see the hype BEFORE the actual product. This is a great example at Allpeers. Whilst not wanting to take anything away from the product (see below), it is a trend that has caught us … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0 – Come and get it!

As I hope we all know by now, the WordPress 2.0 Release candidate is now available, and I will be trialling it here shortly! I will be reviewing it in the near future so stay tuned!

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