Spammer plagiarism – what next?

These poor souls have been plagiarised a hundredfold by the new generation of SPLOGGERS at Blogspot.

Build A Better Blog: 16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

There are a lot of ways to attract people to visit your blog. Patsi and I recently wrote an article outlining 16 ways to drive traffic to your blog.

It seems the Sploggers have taken some of their lessons to heart!

So far I have identified at LEAST a dozen SPLOGS (5 minutes work) that look legitimate – initially – but which have all the text from the above site. The SPLOG is then littered with hundreds of (irrelevant) images that link back to clicktrakers / advertisers, as well as circular links to other SPLOGS that are almost identical.

SO someone’s legitimate hard works has been stolen and now services their SPLOG community.

I wonder if Chris Pirrilo is aware of this NEW SPLOG type?!

How low will they stoop next time?

p.s. I haven’t linked to any of the SPLOGs on purpose – you can find them very easily if need be.