A fantastic “user guide” to WordPress Themes!

I Just came across this site – WOW!
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Guides to creating your own themes

If you want to try customizing your own theme, then have a look at my WordPress Theme Dissection – a set of guides dissecting a WordPress theme and hopefully demonstrating how to begin customizing your own.

What can I say ?

This is a step by step dissection – with screen shots – on how themes work and advice on customisation. It is also available in PDF format as well.
Exactly what I have been looking for I must admit.
Obviously a lot of work has gone into this and the results speak for themselves – HAVE A LOOK!

One thought on “A fantastic “user guide” to WordPress Themes!

  1. Well – UPDATE.
    Just read the guide cover to cover – so to speak.
    This is a MUST for the WordPress novis IMHO.
    Do your self a favour – read it.

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